"Wednesday, November 12
HINSDALE, N.H. -- Police are investigating 21 gravestones that were toppled at St. Joseph's Cemetery sometime over the weekend. Vandals worked their way up the middle of the graveyard, cracking many of them sometime Friday or Saturday. "One of them was damaged severely," said Hinsdale Cemetery Superintendent Lewis D. Major, pointing to a 1,000-pound angel monument that was pushed over, breaking the statue's head and wings. No evidence was left on scene by the vandals. According to Major, the stones were discovered Sunday morning when local residents were on their way to Mass when the vandalism was uncovered. "Why would anyone do that to a graveyard?" said Major. "I've been there over 25 years and that's the first time anything like that has happened in there." The cemetery experienced similar acts of vandalism three weeks ago, when three headstones were knocked over.

Hinsdale Police could not be reached prior to press time."