Saturday, September 13, 2008

Today was my first experience loading a Gedcom into, I have been a little skeptical of putting all my genealogy information out in the public domain especially since some of it involves living people who might not agree to being a part of the web 2.0 world.   

However I've been researching and playing with the program without upload for 2 months now and it convinced me to give it a try.  It is a very interesting program, I put about 3400 names into it today, greatly anticipating what this thing could do with live data instead of the test stuff I was using before.  At this point, as most of you that have used Geni can attest,  you can’t add a Gedcom to your existing account you have to start from scratch. Expecting this I opened a new account clicked all the right buttons, I thought,  attached the Gedcom and let it start. You’ll never guess what happened next, the upload failed, to their credit Geni was on it before I knew there was a problem, and notified me right away, they had it fixed within an hour.

 I was off, ready to tear up the works, exploring, adding new thing, doing the tweaking that something new like this always generates then found that the account that I just started was telling me that I was my daughter.  I must have hit the wrong button on setup, however with a little playing around I figuring out how to fix it and was back doing my best to break something else. 

I managed to rematerialize as myself and am exploring to beat the band, still got abit to go in figuring this thing out but it seems very user friendly and the people at Geni seem ready to help, sometimes before you know you have a problem.

Working with all this new stuff, Facebook, Footnote, the website, Blogging and Geni,  I’m wondering when I’ll get back to good old fashion genealogy.