Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Emma M. Farnum Clement b 1873 d.1977

Emma M. Farnum was born in Halifax, Vermont the daughter of Cyrus Farnum and Miranda Gates. She had 4 sibblings John, Lucy, Henry and May. Of the five Emma was the only one to marry and raise her own family. In 1905 she married Samuel Clement of Croghan New York, the settled in the Halifax, Vermont area and had 4 children of there own, Elmer, John, Doris and Alfred. She lived such a long and full life that our family was fortunate to have been able to know her, she personnelly had met all of her 15 Grandchildren 37+ Greatgrand children and 2 or 3 great great grandchildren, before her passing. To her final days she alway had cookies or fresh donuts waiting for the kids who came on the weekends to visit. Her stamina was unparalelled, and she could remember most facts like they happened yesterday with a clarity that baffled people who witnessed the event and long ago forgot the details. At one point in time someone asked her if she was concerned about nuclear power, as the Rowe Yankee Nuclear Power Plant was just down the Road from her home. Her response was typical of her simple philosophy, "They never bothered me none".
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