Sunday, July 27, 2014

The mystery of Orlo Sanders solved

Another of those family mysteries;  I have been searching for Orlo Sander, he is my great grandmother's (Jennie Sanders Lake's) brother. He was born in 1861 in Jefferson County, New York to Jared and Sarah (VanAntwerp) Sanders.   

He lived most of his adult life in Watertown, New York, many newspaper articles of the day can attest to this.  On August 21, 1887, in Antwerp NY, he married Jennette Ervin of Philadelphia, New York.   Old newspaper gossip columns reported that they were visiting or were visited by,  friends and relatives on a regular basis.   The last mention of Orlo Sanders or his wife Jennette was November 19, 1889 when he purchased property on Hunt Street in Watertown, New York for $585.00.

When I received these photographs I noted a curious piece of information; Orlo's portrait was taken at the Rainier Studio at 707 Second Street in Seattle, Washington. Jennette's photograph was taken at Lewis and McCollester studio in Carthage, New York.  So it was clear that Orlo at some point traveled to Washington State.  There is no indication on the photographs themselves when either of them where taken.   The possibility that he relocated to Washington State could certainly explain the reasons for the lack of information in New York.   However, family lore says that Orlo was killed by a falling tree sometime after 1880 in New York State, and was buried in or around Wilna, New York.

Then to add to the mystery, meet Mrs. Orlo Sanders,  Grace Chapin. Note that her photograph was taken at LaRoche Photographers at the Rengstorff Building in Seattle, Washington.  On the back of the card the street address is given and it is the same building where Orlo's photograph was taken.

I have not located any information as to what happened to Jennette, if she went to Washington, and died there or passed away in New York, nor have I found a divorce record.   Above is the obituary of  Mrs. Jared Sanders dated May 6, 1893. She died in New York and her obituary identifies her survivors;  note that Orlo is not listed; it would appear that he died prior to his mother.

A search of  Genealogy Bank located this record, from the  Watertown Daily Times, dated February 24, 1891, an announcment from the Odd Fellows Fraternal Organization,  Watertown Chapter  that Orlo Sander,s one of their members, had died in Seattle,Washington of Typhiod Pneumonia and that he had been interred there.

I have tried to locate a death and burial record in Washington State but so far I have not had much success; however, it does seem clear that the mystery of what happened to him has been solved.