Sunday, January 4, 2009

Mystery Photograph "Reach Artists Lowville NY"

The mystery of this photograph is a simple one, the identity of the people pictured.

Very little is known about this picture, it was in the collection of my great aunt Merle Florence  (Lake) Clement; as with allot of these type picture no identifying information was located with it. Merle died in 1972 and none of her surviving line has any information about it.

These are a few facts known about the print.
1.) It was take by "Reach Artists" of Lowville New York
2). It appears similar to a "Cabinet Card"
3). The face of the card is blue and the rear gray
4). The card has rounded corners and a beveled oval inset for the picture

These factors will help narrow the time frame that the photograph was taken and may eventually help solve the mystery of who these people are. 

These facts are just a general guide to start looking as the cards could have been used well into the 20th Century if the Studio had a large enough supply.